Ero sivun ”Shakki/r1bqkbnr;pppppppp;2n5;8;3P4;8;PPP1PPPP;RNBQKBNR w KQkq” versioiden välillä

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*[[w:Suljetut pelit|Suljetut_pelit]]
*[[w:Intialaiset puolustukset|Intialaiset puolustukset]]
*[[w:en:Queen's Pawn Game|Queen's Pawn Game]]
At this point black must decide how to face white's aggression. Traditionally, the two most popular replies are [[/1...d5/]] and [[/1...Rf6/]]. Other moves tend to allow white a broad center with 2. e4. Allowing the broad center was frowned upon in classical times, but is more of a matter of preference today. Another reason [[/1...d5/]] and [[/1...Rf6/]] are the main replies considered is that many of the alternatives transpose into main lines anyway. One notable exception is the Dutch Defense: [[/1...f5/]] whose character is unique and prevents 2. e4. [[/1...d5/]] directly challenges white's plan to establish a broad center. [[/1...Rf6/]] prevents an immediate 2. e4 while maintaining flexibility to play a number of "Indian" systems or move back into a system typical of [[/1...d5/]].
Other less common moves.
:*[[/1...Rc6|1...Rc6]] Queen's Knight Defence</th>
:* [[/1...c6|1...c6]] Queen's Pawn: 1...c6
:*[[/1...b5|1...b5]] [[wikipedia:Polish Defence|Polish Defence]]
:*[[/1...b6|1...b6]] Queen's Pawn: English Defence
:*[[/1...e5|1...e5]] Englund Gambit
Estimated next move popularity: Nf6 55%, d5 28%, e6 5%, f5 3.5%, g6 3%, d6, 3%, c5 1% other moves less then 1%
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