Malline:Esimerkkikaaviot/Population of London example

Description muokkaa

Population graph of selected Wikidata item. Graph is simplified version of mw:Template:Graph:Population history

Graph template muokkaa

{{Esimerkkikaaviot/Population of London example/graph}}

Query muokkaa

SELECT ?item ?year (MAX(?population) as ?population)  WHERE {
    # set the item here - e.g. city, country
	BIND(wd:Q84 as ?item)
    ?item p:P1082 ?popstatement .
    ?popstatement ps:P1082 ?population .
      ?popstatement pq:P585 ?date .
      BIND(year(?date) as ?year)
} GROUP BY ?year ?item ORDER BY ASC(?year)